Airport Cargo Services

Airport cargo is an experienced and renowned air freight service provider.
We provide idol packaging of customer products and provide safe and best transportation methods.
We also provide the best services in dynamic conditions considering factors such as weather.

We save customers from spending unusual expenses. Our team is capable to face any challenges in logistics and our company is customer-oriented. We at Airport Cargo Services provide the highest standards of business ethics. We will guide you throughout the process while transportation.

Our team is available 24X7 and provides 100% satisfaction. We provide domestic and international air cargo services. Our air cargo partners are Air India, SpiceJet, Indigo, etc. Airport Cargo Services promise you cost-effective, safe, and on-time delivery cargo services on your marked destination.

Why choose Air Cargo?

Air cargo services is the first choice for many industries like automotive, construction, electronics, and many more. 30% of trade is made through flight every year in India. Domestic freight is affordable and reliable, it is key in supporting international trade. Each year, Trillions of USD worth of goods are transported. It is the best logistics solution for high-value and low-volume shipments. Here are some reasons for choosing air freight over Train cargo and Road cargo.

#1 Air cargo is the fastest and hassle-free mode of transportation

Do you have urgency of moving your goods? Without a doubt, air freight is the best alternative in comparison to sea, road, or railway. It has an unmatched speed, it is suitable for the goods which have urgency to be delivered at the desired destination like perishable goods which do not have a long life. Air cargo can not be substituted with any other mode of transportation when it comes to speed.

#2 Consistency of arrival and departure and highly reliable

Even if you missed a flight it does not mean waiting an additional day like a railway. flights run every hour in major cities so even if you have missed a flight you can catch another. Tracking your packages with air fright is easier than railway or freight, as your packages can be anywhere until it reaches the major hub. Flights take off every hour on average.

#3 Economical for packaging, warehousing, and insurance

If you want to avoid unnecessary costs of packaging, warehousing, and insurance, it is your answer. Usually, it requires less heavy packaging than other logistics solutions. As the fastest and reliable mode of transportation, it decreases the need for local warehousing, and insurance premiums are also lesser.

#4 Air cargo is secure and dependable

freight corporations and airports take security and tracking seriously, as airport field safety and security is a high priority. Merchandise shipped by air freight endure minimum handling, not like railway that makes it the safest shipping possibility. Goods over the airport cleared at intervals hours, which reduces the danger of harm and thievery. 

#5 Send your cargo anywhere

Air shipment has a global reach, you can send your goods almost anywhere. It is the most suitable logistics solution for international trade as it has no limitations of seas, mountains and forest do not obstruct.

Our Air Cargo Features:

  • 24×7 tracking facility through GPS.
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery of your packages.
  • Trained team to handle sensitive packages and goods.
  • We have offices at major airports all over India.
  • Experienced team for the guidance of the cargo and assistance to cut the cost the provide the best method of cargo.
  • 365x24x7 CRM team available for assistance with an immediate response.