Indigo Cargo Booking

Indigo Air CarGo

IndiGo is the biggest homegrown traveler aircraft and furthermore the biggest homegrown load carrier with the biggest homegrown organization of air freight. We have joined forces with IndiGo CarGo for as long as 10 years. We give the best and modest cost for the booking of IndiGo CarGo all through India. Book your payload with us on Indigo.

General CarGo – without any hassle

General payload is an overall term that represents those shipments that don’t need any exceptional taking care of. Through broad load administration, you can send reports, papers, readymade pieces of clothing, footwear, and so on, anyplace with productive freight administrations of Indigo.

In indigo load a shipment must be acknowledged whether it is satisfactory in nature for airship cargo administrations, Shipper is committed to satisfying all prerequisites as indicated by unofficial laws for that our Airport Cargo Services team is accessible  24×7 to help you pretty much every one of the necessities.

Indigo ensures that every one of the bundles is pressed well and is not over-stuffed or have any spillages, our bundling arrangements ensure that bundling is finished by the prerequisite so freight passes the assessment bother-free.

Vulnerable Goods

Vulnerable CarGo represents costly merchandise with a proclaimed worth of USD500 per and under USD1000 however it does exclude any creatures, transitory products, and human remaining parts. Dissimilar to general freight weak merchandise need unique taking care of it incorporates cameras, PCs, artistic creations, watches, electronic products, and so on

Perishable Goods

Perishable merchandise term represents an item which requires specific assistance about dealing with and transportation of products, It must be followed through on a given time. Indigo doesn’t acknowledge any short-lived products which need a temperature regulator. Indigo acknowledges transitory products which can support the temperature prerequisite in its pressing.

Classifications that are acknowledged in Indigo Cargo are new blossoms, dry blossoms, natural products ( dry or new), Dairy items, and so on You can get some information about which is acknowledged or not acknowledged transitory products.

Significant CarGo – Handle with care

Significant CarGo represents products that are announced with a worth of USD 1000 (or same) or more, per net kg. Significant CarGo ensures that valuable things are taken care of with the consideration required by the item and conveyed securely to the ideal objective.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods will be products or substances which are fit for representing a danger to wellbeing, security, property, or the climate. There essential ordinary use items which are remembered for this classification for instance lithium batteries and dry ice are hazardous merchandise. While moving through the air this merchandise can be extremely risky. Hazardous merchandise can create harmful exhaust, light a fire, or even detonates if these items are not dealt with as expected.

Perilous products which are acknowledged by Indigo are Dry ice as pressing material and radioactive material. Dry ice is grouped by DOT (Department of Transportation) and IATA as a “various” risk. Dry ice is utilized as a pressing material as it needs for putting away short-lived like chocolates, frozen yogurts, blood tests, medications, and so on

Human remaining parts

Human remain implies the body or stays of an expired individual in the phase of disintegrations or after incineration. As indicated by the Indian government, no individual will bring into India and the expired individual kicked the bucket of yellow fever, plague, Bacillus anthracis, ganders, or different infections as informed by the focal government. Indigo conveys human remaining parts for both homegrown and worldwide areas.